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Software Showcase: Tinkercad

Learning to work with 3D software can seem quite daunting at first. Even the “simpler” 3D programs can overwhelm those without prior experience. Our first software showcase focuses on Autodesk’s free-to-download 3D modeling program, Tinkercad. Join us as we check out the basics behind this fantastic tool and get you ready to take on any 3D project your imagination can handle!

So…What Is A 3D Modeling Program?

At its core, 3D modeling software is used to create a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional object or shape. An expansive selection of 3D software exists for any budget or skill level. Robust programs exist for professionals to create incredible works of art with precision and detail. But where do you start as a novice? Believe it or not, most 3D software can be boiled down to a set of essential tools and processes. As our first software showcase, let’s look at some beginner-level 3D software emphasizing learning the basics.

What Is Tinkercad?

Tinkercad is a powerful, free-to-use 3D modeling program built specifically for people with NO prior 3D software experience. We’ve selected Tinkercad as our Best 3D Program for Beginners/Kids (2022). Instead of taking up space on your computer’s hard drive, Tinkercad runs from any supported web browser. That means you can save and access your work from anywhere with internet access.

The most significant advantage Tinkercad brings to beginners is the HUGE library of follow-along tutorials available for free on the Tinkercad website. The Learning Center is split into three sections: 3D Design, Circuits, and Codeblocks. I’m interested in 3D design, so I made my way through the first few starter courses to get a sense of the overall difficulty of the beginner course material. Anybody who takes the time to follow the basic software tutorials will have everything they need to jump headfirst into ANY 3D software. The courses are also organized in the order they were meant to be completed, so the further down you go, the more you know! My only frustration was that these courses didn’t exist as I was learning 3D basics!

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