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Bring us your idea, and we'll make it a reality. Our designers will work with you to create a solution for any project. Just describe your project idea and let us handle the rest.

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“We'll take your project from a napkin sketch to a part in your hand
Aaron Hartman, Chief Executive Maker

How To Bring Your Idea To Life


Bring Us Your Idea

Come to us with an idea, a few drawings, or a garage prototype. Our design team will review your project and discuss your vision's logistics and possibilities. After a kick-off meeting, you'll have a rough idea of the costs and expected timeline. Project ideas and reference files can be uploaded by starting a project below.


We Create the Design

We'll dig into the design and keep you updated with screenshots, drawings, and in-person meetings. Physical prototypes will be tested and revised until the product is perfected. Your input is required throughout the process to guide the design to your satisfaction.


You Get The Product

Once we're happy with the results, we can manufacture dozens or hundreds of your new products so you can test the market, get patents, and sell your new idea to the world. We can also provide technical drawings and optimize the design for other manufacturing processes like injection molding and CNC machining.

Real Makers - Real Projects

The Whistle Shield

The Whistle Shield was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a heightened concern regarding masks and other protective equipment, The Whistle Shield is the perfect solution to redirect your breath down toward the floor, rather than up in the air. After a few revisions to maximize sound quality, the final design was printed over 11,000 times to sell all over North America.

ROAR Race Trophies

The ROAR Race Trophies were made for a nonprofit organization supporting animal rescue. These trophies were made with both 3D printed and laser cut elements. 24 trophies were created, all unique and custom-made. These trophies were 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in-house by our design team.

Spotter Buddy

The Spotter Buddy is an invention to keep people safe in loading dock areas. The device offers radio communication between the "spotter" and the vehicle operator. Creation Labs designed the case/housing for the hand-held and cab units. We incorporated the customer's electronics and customized the enclosures to have a nice look and feel.

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