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3D Printers, Kits, Projects, and much more can be found at Creation Labs in Pittsburgh, PA. We are the ONLY brick-and-mortar location in the Pittsburgh area to carry 3D printing filament. Don't wait next time you need to restock - pick up some filament whenever you need it!

“We're the ONLY brick-and-mortar location in Pittsburgh to carry 3D printing filament.” Aaron Hartman, Chief Executive Maker

Creation Labs Filament

3D-Fuel is a 3D printing filament that offers a broad range of filaments for 3D printers. The Standard PLA+ is a basic, entry-level PLA filament that is available in a broad color selection. It uses only virgin NatureWorks Ingeo 4043d PLA resin and does not contain any fillers or stretchers. Standard PLA+ is a hard plastic that produces a barely noticeable, but quite pleasant, sugary smell when extruding.

GreenGate - Pink Grapefruit

GreenGate - Olive Drab

GreenGate - Purple Reign

GreenGate - Primer Grey

GreenGate - Prime Time Lime

GreenGate - Cherry Pie

GreenGate - Black

GreenGate -  American Blue

3D-Fuel PLA+ Warm Bisque

3D-Fuel PLA+ Tangerine Orange

3D-Fuel PLA+ Snow White

3D-Fuel PLA+ Simply Silver

3D-Fuel PLA+ Pistachio Green

3D-Fuel PLA+ Olive Green

3D-Fuel PLA+ Ocean Blue

3D-Fuel PLA+ Midnight Black

3D-Fuel PLA+ Metallic Gold

3D-Fuel PLA+ Metallic Copper

3D-Fuel PLA+ Lulzbot Green

3D-Fuel PLA+ Island Fuchsia

3D-Fuel PLA+ Iron Red

3D-Fuel PLA+ Industrial Gray

3D-Fuel PLA+ Harvest Gold

3D-Fuel PLA+ Grass Green

3D-Fuel PLA+ Grape Purple

3D-Fuel PLA+ Forest Green

3D-Fuel PLA+ Fjord Blue

3D-Fuel PLA+ Fire Engine Red

3D-Fuel PLA+ Electric Blue

3D-Fuel PLA+ Daffodil Yellow

3D-Fuel PLA+ Cobalt Blue

3D-Fuel PLA+ Clearly Natural

3D-Fuel PLA+ Chocolate Brown

3D-Fuel PLA+ Caribbean Blue

3D-Fuel PLA+ Bubblegum Pink

3D-Fuel PLA+ Brightest White

3D-Fuel PLA+ Bone White

3D-Fuel PLA+ Autumn Orange

3D-Fuel PLA+ Aquamarine

Creation Labs 3D Printers

Creation Labs carries a rotation of 3D printers in-store. Take a look at our current lineup and check back for new arrivals!

FlashForge Artemis

The FlashForge Artemis is a reliable and high-quality 3D printer that is perfect for home use, students, teachers, beginners, and experts alike. With its excellent build quality and ease of use, the Artemis is perfect for anyone looking to get into 3D printing.

FlashForge Creator Max 2

The FlashForge Creator Max 2 is an advanced 3D printer that is reliable and easy to use. It features a dual extruder system for maximizing productivity and efficiency, and supports Mirror Printing Mode, Duplicate Printing Mode, and Soluble Printing Mode.

FlashForge Guider 2s

The FlashForge Guider 2S 3D printer is a reliable, industrial-grade 3D printer that boasts a massive build volume and top-level FFF technology. Designed for maximum stability and ruggedness, the Guider 2S is ideal for printing your most detailed designs.

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What is MakerSpace, you ask? It is quite literally your space to make whatever you want! At Creation Labs, we have dedicated workshop space and everything you need for any 3D printing project, including software and supplies. It's a great place to learn, explore and have fun! Become a MakerSpace member to enjoy great discounts on our products, supplies, and 3D classes!


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