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After dedicating two decades of learning robotics and 3D modeling, in 2014, Aaron Hartman founded Bits to Pieces and Steel City 3D Printing. Over the last few years, a number of engineering firms, architects, schools and libraries have relied on Aaron for his training and 3D printing of 3D models or prototypes.

In 2017, Aaron pursued his vision further to create a neighborhood Makerspace, offering easy access for creative minds to a maker community with learning expertise. Our Makerspace is the modern DIY learning environment developing skills students need for their future. Practicing communication, concept development,  critical thinking, project management, product development, and collaboration, it’s the fitness club for your brain! Your possibilities are limitless with 3D modeling and printing at Your Neighborhood Makerspace. Become a member for full access with deals specially made for you. Schedule a class to begin to master each process. Or get a quote on a customized product with our 3D Printing Design Service.


Upload your 3D printing files and we will bring your ideas for new products and projects to life. Join us to collaborate, share ideas, or just to work on your own. Enjoy exclusive unlimited access to our digital makerspace “playground”.

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We provide hands-on, technical learning for students to gain proficiency in both design and production. Offering a range of classes from 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and more, our Classroom and Makerspace give you the opportunity to apply this knowledge and gain experience at an affordable price. Combine your ideas and concepts in a new design lab with access to the leading edge software and equipment you need to develop your creations. It is required for a person to take a class covering how to use the machine they want to work with.

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Receive 50% off all classes and 20% off of retail, excluding printers, as a member.  Join us at Your Neighborhood Makerspace for unlimited access to collaboration areas where we will bring your ideas to life and teach you how to yourself!

Receive 50% off of all classes and 20% of of retail, excluding printers, as a member. Join us at Your neighborhood Makerspace for unlimited access to collaboration areas where we will bring your ideas to life and teach you how to yourself! 

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*Qualifying youth are from ages 8 to 11. Youth are required to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Youth membership does not include access to  wood room.  

**Week Pass is full access to the Makerspace for 7 consecutive days.

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3D Print Service

3D Modeling and Product Development

Have an idea on a creation with no design? We will develop your product, get started with a quote then send us a short description of your ideas and arrange a meeting to further discuss the possibilities and logistics of your creation. 


3D Printing 

Bring your creation to life. We will print it for you at our store. Get a quote on your project after sending your .stl or other files. Come into the store to see the different colors, materials and finishes. Please ask an associate for details. 

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