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3D Printing Projects for Kids

Project 1: Elastic Band Powered Glider

Take to the skies with this fun and easy 3D print project for kids and adults! This model is meant to replicate a B2 Stealth Bomber. Print your file and attach any elastic band to the hook on the craft’s underside. Pull back, and let it rip! 

This project is also a great introduction to working with the 3D printer substrate. Our MakerSpace team shows you the best tips, tricks, and best practices when working with any 3D-printing material. If your aircraft isn’t flying as straight as you’d like, we’ll show you how to hone your 3D file settings to ensure your flyer is the tiniest Top Gun! Suggested Age: 6 years and up

Age: 6 years and up


Project 2: Klötz - The Quick-Tie Shoe Gadget

Learn about using 3D printing technology to manufacture a pair of shoe-fastening gadgets designed to make lacing-up a thing of the past! Choose the perfect colors to accent your kicks and print away! This fantastic 3D project is also a great way to learn with your youngster about the countless creative and practical solutions that 3D printing offers! It is a great small project to showcase how 3D technology can improve our day-to-day lives. Suggested Age: 4 years and up


Project 3: Cereal Box Townhouse

Some of the 3D project ideas we come across are too cool not to share! Do you know any future architects who love building their adventures from the ground up? 

Use these files to print windows and doors. Then, take any used cardboard around the house, and cut inserts for your printed parts. This kit turns your recycling pile into a custom 3D-printed playground! Scale-model and hobby enthusiasts will also find this project a great avenue to designing and printing custom 3D models. Suggested Age: 4 years and up


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