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3D Printing & Scanning Services

We use the latest tech to 3D scan your object.

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On-Site Learning

We offer 3D printing classes, 3D modeling classes, robotics, and coding classes.

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The Creation Labs MakerSpace is filled with 3D printing equipment and software available to use on site!

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Featured Course | June 2023

3D Printer Basics (Adults)

Lesson Plan

Learn the basic parts & functions of a 3D printer and its operation, how to change materials and best practices. FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling is the most popular and easiest to use form of 3D printer. By melting and laying down strands of plastic filament, a model is built layer by layer. 

You'll become familiar with Simplify3D to prepare the file for the 3D printer. Also learn how to download files (or use your own) and prepare them to be 3D printed.

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Keep Your Brain Happy

Have A Bright Idea? Our On-Site Learning Can Make It a Reality.

Through hands-on learning, you can gain valuable experience in design and production. Creation Labs offers a range of classes in 3D printing, modeling, coding, and robotics, which allows anyone to develop their skills at an affordable price.

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3D Printing + Manufacturing

Learn how to 3D print in a variety of materials. Create objects for work, fun, and more!

3D Modeling + Design

Learn about the latest design software best practices and trends from industry-leading experts.

Coding + Electronics

Learn to code and program while gaining an understanding of basic electronics.

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What is MakerSpace, you ask? It is quite literally your space to make whatever you want! At Creation Labs, we have dedicated workshop space and everything you need for any 3D printing project, including software and supplies. It's a great place to learn, explore and have fun! Become a MakerSpace member to enjoy great discounts on our products, supplies, and 3D classes!


Learn 3D printing, laser cutting, and more from our expert makers. MakerSpace members enjoy 50% off all classes!

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Learning Labs are in-depth, project-oriented classes designed to improve your 3D skills.

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