About Creation Labs


Aaron is an approachable, heart-felt, passionate and dedicated maker who spends all his mindspace on 3D design, engineering challenges, robotic competitions and innovative 3D printing techniques. Call him a geek or better yet, call him to help solve a product development conundrum. Raised in a family of teachers, he’s an excellent trainer and instructor enriching others with new skills, knowledge and understanding to be a better maker.

After dedicating two decades of learning robotics and 3D modeling, in 2014, Aaron founded Bits to Pieces and Steel City 3D Printing. As an engineer and product developer, design and innovation has become second nature. Over the last few years, a number of engineering firms, architects, schools and libraries have relied on Aaron for his expertise, training and 3D printing of 3D models or prototypes.

In 2017, Aaron Hartman pursued his vision to create a neighborhood makerspace offering easy access for creative minds to a maker community with learning expertise. For Aaron, it’s a “fitness club” for the innovative mind and budding inventor. Creation Labs also offers “napkin to product” 3D printing services and printers for engineers, product development and architectural firms.


Empowerment: Enable the individual maker by facilitating innovation from mind-to-market through a collaborative design-build process and learning.
Learning: We will create value by enriching others with knowledge and skills to improve their lives and better contribute to our community.
Community: Everything we do will benefit our community of by focusing on inspiring minds embracing diversity and openness.
Openness: Knowledge is an abundant resource that we will share with our community. We will strive continuously to engage our community through open safe dialog, transparency and integrity.
Integrity: We will be honest, fair, and trustworthy in all activities relating to our community and our members.